“Protecting and Fulfilling the Rights of the Child in the Light of Faith”

Pastoral Care for Women and Children (PCWC)


 PCWC Vision Mission Goal

Vision :

  •  A community where women and children live in a just, humane and safe environment. 


            Inspired by the spirit of collaboration, the Pastoral Network commits:

  •  To respond to the needs of women and children

            *To empower the community towards the attainment of   

             their full potential and development.



            To establish network and effective delivery of services for women and       children.



Target Beneficiaries:



-     Children & Women in need of special        

            protection (VAWC)



-          Families

-          Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC)

-          Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC)

-          Member Organization of PNWC


Project Management:


The project will be managed by the PCWC team composed of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and the different committees of various components. It will be headed by the PCWC Coordinator who will oversee the implementation of the project.


Key Officers-Roles-Functions


       Coordinator (Chairperson)

-          Oversees the day-to-day implementation of the Program

-          Represents the organization to the Funding Partners and Stakeholdres

-          Ensure that the system and policies are properly followed

-          Calls official meetings with the Committees

-          Reports to the Proponents and Funding Partners



-          Keeps official records and documents

-          Acts as the Admin Officer

-          Reports to the Coordinator



-          Keeps the financial assets of the Program

-          Prepares financial Transactions of the Program

-          Disburses funds according to the budget

-          Makes financial Reports (monthly and Year-end)


 Committee Coordinators

-          Advocacy

-          Network

      -     Child-friendly


Women and children’s advocates