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Typhoon “Ondoy” Came With Floods

Metro Manila and surrounding provinces just experienced the worst flooding in decades, displacing an estimated half a million people and claiming at least 300 lives. In the Diocese of Novaliches alone, a reported 22,529 families were affected. Parish Coordinators have also recorded 28 deaths, 200 missing persons, and 450 families homeless (data shared in the meeting on September 30).

The Saint Peter’s Church serves as the Operations Centre of the emergency disaster relief response of the Diocese of Novaliches. Knowing that disaster response should go beyond relief, it is coordinating disaster response efforts of its Parishes and has engaged the services of a volunteer consultant on humanitarian response to professionalize its efforts. It has convened meetings of Vicar coordinators, Parish workers, and priests to share updates on the situation of its parishioners, actions undertaken, and further assistance needed.

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