“Protecting and Fulfilling the Rights of the Child in the Light of Faith”

St. Joseph The Defender Parish

St. Joseph the Defender Parish

 The parish itself is composed of 4 densely populated sub-parishes. As estimated by the Barangay, the parish is composed of about 35,000 families which is roughly 120,000 people. Also approximately 90% of the population lives below the poverty line. Most are low-income earners although there are unemployed families. The typical issues and problems of children borne out of poverty are ubiquitously present; such as teen-age pregnancy, child abuse and exploitation, out-of-school youth, drug addiction, violent fraternities and gangs of minors, etc.

The SPCC office was established  in the vicinity of this parish starting on April 8, 2005 which was blessed by the parish priest on April 23, 2005.  Since then began implementing the Child Protection Program in the parish: responding to child rape cases by assisting victims file them in court and avail of counseling; referral of children to institutions for temporary shelter, etc.


St. Peter Parish

The SPCC moves to St. Peter Parish on March 1, 2009 through the invitation of the Parish Priest Fr. Antonio Labiao. It is now holding an office at Talitha Koum Center, First Level, St. Peter Church, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.

The St. Peter is composed of thirteen areas approriately called Kawans (council) with semi-independent parish organizations which is held together by the Parish Pastoral Council of St. Peter Parish. It is composed of Barangay Matandang Balara and Barangay Batasan both in Quezon City, relatively caters to around 400,000 parishioners.

SPCC had been taking active part in the various preparations of St. Perter Parish for more responsive programs for the poor especially abused women and children. It participated in the survey of the profile of women and children of the parish conducted in the vaious Kawans to determine the actual needs of the people.